Sunday, July 17, 2016

Matter is Crushed

Scientists theories are based on one theory that thousands of scientists have been basing on for thousands of years with other theories piggybacking others and others and others and others... until dark matter. Think of it like a dot with a bigger circle around it another circle around that one and another and so on, forever. All of this is microscopic! Now, for you to understand what I'm about to say is for you to think of the starter of all theories as a seed. This seed is covered by a shell, dirt, grass, now for a squirrel to get this seed, he'll have to destroy the stuff surrounding it. Pretend he stuff is matter and the squirrel is many scientists. the way we can get to the tiny seed is by crushing the dirt and shell, the answer is a particle collider  with a machine track, the biggest machine man ever built at 7 MILES long!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the particles will speed in separate circles almost at the speed of light. then they'll turn each track to each other and next time around the carousel of physics, Wammo! the seed, the circle, the whole unknown on that sensitive camera.

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